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A Newsletter on Privacy and Mindfulness


November, 2019

tl;dr; You can sign up for it here. It costs $10 / year, if you can afford it.

I want to get a bit more personal, and it turns out you apparently prefer a Newsletter format for that, so I've created

I've considered just using Revue or Patreon for this, but those were a bit too bloated and neither really gave me what I needed, so I just built this very simple website and mailing list, to focus on the writing instead.

As I had before in my thoughts blog/website, you can expect it to be about the things I'm experienced with, learning from, and passionate about. The most common topics will be Privacy, Simplifying, and Mindfulness, since honestly, those have been the most life-changing for me in the last 10 years.

You'll also note I've deleted all my previous thoughts/articles, and basically separated "announcements" of new things I'm working on and have released into this (News), and more personal, writing thoughts/essays/meditations into

Separating them and into these two separate formats (Free Blog with RSS and Paid Newsletter via Email) also came out from the research I did last month. Thank you so much for helping me with that!

Why paid? I want to write about more personal stuff, and not publicly. I also really like the idea of my thoughts being ephemeral and not stored anywhere publicly online, so the email format also allowed for that pretty well.

So, let's get personal, serenely.

And thank you so much for your kindness and attention. I truly appreciate it.